How To Product Selling & Buying Process With Empowr

Hello EMPOWR citizen, Somebody little bit confused Empowr Marketplace Buying & Selling process. I Descried you How Empowr Maintain the Buyer & Seller Protection.

>>Step 1: You Listing a Product for sealing with Action Price & Set Duration 10 Days. Also you can Listing Product with Fixed Price.

>>Step 2: Empowr Automatically Advertise your Product Information on your “Circle of trust” news feed.

>>Step 3: After finish the duration Highest bidder win the action . Then Empowr team Email Buyer for Complete the payment By Empowr Marketplace Balance or Paypal or Credit card. The Buyer can use any one.

>>Step 4: After finish the payment process Buyer get a Option for add Shipping address (Marketplace>I’ve Bought>Action>Add shipping details). Also the seller get this information on (Marketplace>I’ve Sold>Action>View buyer address).

>>Step 5: After Shipping the product seller put Shipping information to Buyer (Marketplace>I’ve Sold>Action>add shipping details). Buyer also get the information (Marketplace>I’ve Bought>Action> View shipping details).

>>Step 6: After Buyer get the product he mark it “Item Received” then finish the process (Marketplace>I’ve Bought>Action>Item received).

Note: After the buyer Complete the Payment it’s also pending for Seller. If seller not send Product to Buyer the Fund back to buyer. Empowr have 100% Buyer and Seller Protection. If you feel any type of problem about Buying and Selling Transaction You can Dispute at any time.
(Marketplace>I’ve Bought>Action>Dispute Transaction)
(Marketplace>I’ve Sold>Action>Dispute Transaction)
The Market Moderator and Your Success coach solve the issue.