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What Is Current ?

Current is creating a digital token that uniquely rewards a person’s time, money spent, and data shared during the media streaming experience. This token can be used to  purchase a broad range of products, services, and in-platform advertising. By consolidating popular media networks into one place, Current already provides more than 200,000 users with a more convenient search and discovery experience. With the launch of the platform token, users will be rewarded for streaming content from their favorite networks like: Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more.. The platform combines  behavioral data points surrounding the types, times, and topics played by each person across multiple networks to serve up better recommendations than any single network alone.

What Is Current Vision ?

Attention and personal data are now the most important commodities on the internet. Media, both serves as an effective place to create an attention/data economy and is primed for blockchain disruption. By taking a passive habit and correlating value to it, Current is setting a precedent in today’s digital landscape. Users should get more than just entertainment, creators should get a bigger cut of revenue, and curators should get paid for finding the content you didn’t know you loved. The web we know today was built on the personal data and time of the unwitting consumer. Today, just four companies own the internet’s data. The next evolution of the Web will recognize the value of people and redefine the value exchange between consumers, and corporations. When we set out to build this ecosystem, we put you in mind: the everyday streamer. We considered the variety of media you stream and the various networks you have accounts on, and built an agile flexible platform that adapts to culture quickly. We didn’t want you to make any sacrifices, so we integrated with the most popular networks. You want to control who your data is shared with and how it’s used, so we wrote win-win smart contracts that give you choices.

Current ICO Token Sell About :

Symbol                  :  CRNC

Sale Amount       : 350.000.000 CRNC

Total Supply        : CRNC

Exchange Rate  : 1CRNC=$0.24

Softcap                : $ 5,000,000

Hardcap              : $ 36,000,000

Accepted Payments : ETH, BTC, NEO

Pre Sale                        : 07/02/2018–21/02/2018

Main Sale                      : 14/03/2018–04/04/2018

Minimum Transaction  : 0.03 ETH

Get More Information Please Visit Main Website : https://current.us

Current Community

Website: https://tokensale.current.us/index.html

Whitepaper: https://cdn.current.us/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2829644.0

Telegram: https://t.me/CurrentCRNC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Current_CRNC

Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2831598.0

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