EMPOWR daily work instruction (FULL ENGLISH ARTICLE )                          


Hello all new EMPOWR citizen,
EMPOWR is not any ptc, MLM or Investment site. Its only site they announce start a new economy. EMPOWR is The world first democratic social platform, where the profits and control of the company belong to you.

Introduction About EMPOWR


EMPOWR are committed to Democracy, Sharing, Sustainability and JusticeEMPOWR are a democracy — our citizens elect the company’s leadership.

EMPOWR return profits to the citizens who create value in the community.

EMPOWR encourage sustainability by providing a marketplace that gives your old stuff a new life.

EMPOWR aim to help half the planet earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025

 Start work with empowr follow this step

Now i share with you how you start with EMPOWR and make a valuable community helping each other and make profit.


Open a new account on EMPOWR website www.empowr.com. If you have old account and you not work properly batter you delete your old account Bcz old account already have some of due charge of ad platform fee. So start with new account and work properly. you can make profit and get cash out with new account.

 Delete your Old account 

Sign Up for a New account www.empowr.com


Valid your email id. After sending the validation link on your email its take minimum 15 minute time for arrived. So you just wait.

Step 3: “Like” something on the page.


You have daily 4 type of job (Post,Like,Bid & Listing) on your EMPOWR account. If you complete your job today that means you hit your Goal. So follow your daily goal.


Start earning by Posting. EMPOWR is a social network community. Every time when you posting (Photo or Status) and Others people see your post & like your post you got Money. So more posting, More money.

More Details about “Posting” watch the video


Stat making large circle of trust by like others people post. Every time when you close others people loop by liking this people also close your loop by your post liking. Its result both are earning by helping each others.

 More Details about “circle of trust” watch the video


List something you want to sell. Every time when you listing Product its helping to increase the economy value. If you listing more product its also helping you make a self Online store. Product selling is very easy on EMPOWR. All EMPOWR citizen have available balance for spend on marketplace

More Details about “Selling” watch the video


Biding others people listed product. When you won the action you can buy the product. you can buy the product by using your own money or EMPOWR marketplace balance.
That’s all. You just complete your daily goal (Step 5,6,7,8) everyday (Minimum 5 days on 1 week) you got cash out Balance every month (Date of 7 to 11). Also you can get more knowledge about EMPOWR just ask your Success coach or Watch the EMPOWR video tutorial.
Thank you for reading the Post. Hope you will be success on EMPOWR.


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